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The Jolly Roger essays

The Jolly Roger essays The name of the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger, might have been named after the devil- Old Roger, but it is more probable it comes from the French name Jolie Rouge which means lovely or pretty red. It was a blood-red flag flown by pirates who intended to kill everyone on board a ship they were about to attack. There were many different Jolly Roger flags. Pirates had their own versions of the Jolly Roger but all of them were guaranteed to strike terror into sailors hearts. Pirates probably borrowed the symbols they used on Jolly Rogers from gravestones. Usually a skull and crossbones, which was the most common on a Jolly Roger, represented death. Sometimes pirates had hourglasses with or without wings to show time was running out for the ship they were going to attack. The first Jolly Roger appeared around 1700 when the pirate Emmanuel Wynne hoisted one in the Caribbean. The flag quickly caught on and other pirates designed their own versions. When pirates neared a target, sometimes they raised a friendly flag and then at the last minute, they would raise a Jolly Roger to frighten their enemy into surrendering. When pirates were giving chase, they hoisted a white flag, and if the ship refused to slow down then the pirates usually raised a red flag which symbolized blood. It also meant that once the pirates boarded the ship, no lives would be spared. Pirates often stole flags from captured ships to add to their collection of false flags. ...

Sunday, March 1, 2020

A Readers Responsibility

A Readers Responsibility Yall ever read Suite T, the blog for Southern Writers Magazine? Its pretty good, and this past week,  Terry Whalin  posted  4 Ways to Support Writers. I want to take this a step further and not state HOW a reader can help a writer, but WHY they have a responsibility to do so. When a reader picks up a book to read, they expect to invest hours into the entertainment. The author and publisher on the other end are waiting with fingers crossed to hear how the reader liked it. They need feedback to better understand how to proceed with subsequent works. Any type of industry needs feedback. Are they doing it right? Are they creating the right product? Publishers, agents, and bookstores hang on public feedback to determine whether an author is worth fooling with. Silence is deadly. So, if a reader likes a story, or an author, they need to speak up. Otherwise they risk losing a good story, or worse, a good author. Lets talk about a readers responsibility when they read a book: 1) Buy the  book. An occasional freebie is fine, especially when test-driving an author. However, authors, publishers, agents, cover designers, etc. depend on income to eat and put a roof over their head. Buy a book. 2) Write a review.  Do you want more stories like the one you just read? Then post a review. Otherwise, how is anyone supposed to know that this type of writing needs to continue? Call it a thank-you to the people who fought hard to put that book in your hands. They cannot read your mind. 3) Reply to blog posts.  Blogs are free, frequently used to sell books or an authors prowess. Dont read a post  and silently blow away. At least thank the writer or blog host. Yes, youre busy, but so are they. What if you did a job and nobody told you whether it was good or bad?  Again, the silence is a killer. 4) Take responsibility for your social media.  Dont just read. Dont just rant about politics or the neighbors noise next door. Dont just take and not give back. When you see a book promoted, and you like it or the author, then retweet or share. Its a button, people. 5) Use your word-of-mouth.  If you do not relay to others about a good book, and everyone else remains just as silent, that good book disappears along with the subsequent books after it from that author. Many an author has withered away due to lack of feedback, because feedback equates to sales, which equates to contracts and/or earning a living. Ive seen good writers think they were no goodall because readers remained quiet. Oh, and if youre a writer? Magnify that responsibility

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The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management Dissertation

The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management - Dissertation Example The study will seek to determine the effects of cultural policy within an organization. The utilization of an exploratory design enables the research to conduct research and gather raw information from the identified sources. This will be fundamental in opening up the direction for further research within the field by other researchers. Different data collection methods will be utilized in collecting qualitative data, which will be utilized in making recommendations within the research. Primary data will be collected through interviews and questionnaires sent to individuals who will be selected through the utilization of random sampling methods. These questionnaires will contain both closed and open-ended questions which will be utilized in the collection of qualitative data. Secondary data will be collected from existing literature and published material from research conducted by other researchers within the same field of study. This information will be fundamental in providing gui delines for establishing the findings of the research. Qualitative approaches to data analysis will be utilized in seeking to analyze the collected data. Iteration will be continuously utilized during the data collection period in seeking to ensure the analysis process becomes simplified and reduce the data analysis time. After the interim data analysis, memoing of the data contained within the filled questionnaire will be performed in seeking to summarise the information contained within the data.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Case Study See Attachment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

See Attachment - Case Study Example estos residue in pores and cracks, whether TEG was required to follow the contract specifications rather than its work plan, and whether TEG was entitled to compensation for removing what it alleged were excessive quantities of asbestos. The concept of breach of contract was the vital issue associated with these issues. Court’s Rationale or Reasoning for its Decision: The court adheres to the presumption that any ‘debris and residues’ contains asbestos. The court also made the case clear by going back to the basic law concerning contract, and its interpretation. Key Facts: There was presence of contract between the two parties involved in the case. There was a Board’s decision made. For this matter at hand, the cross-motions for summary judgment on the contractor’s appeal from the Board’s decision were thereafter filed in the United States Court of Claims. Legal Issue(s) Presented before Court: There were three essential issues raised in this case, which include the power outage claim, the claim for delays in obtaining access to the apartments, and the contractor’s right to recover damages. Holding of the Court: The Board’s decision involving the power outage of August 18, 1978 was affirmed. Access claim however, was reversed and both motions for summary judgment were denied, allowing the case to be remanded to the

Friday, January 24, 2020

Science At the Wheel: Driving into the Future of the Environmental Move

Science At the Wheel: Driving into the Future of the Environmental Movement Science has been able to approximate that the human race has existed for only 400,000 years on this 4.56 billion year old planet. Yet in its brief history humanity has had a far greater impact than any other species. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, the rate and complexity of this impact has only increased. With such profound influence on our environment must come greater responsibility. Scientists, as the leading explorers in this new age of technology, share an important part of this responsibility. Their innovations have shaped the world to be what it is today, and it is their research that will be the foundation for tomorrow. Science provides the vehicle that will drive society into the future. Science explores, observes, and explains the world around us. It both finds and attempts to solve problems with the ultimate goal of benefiting society. The health of the environment is increasingly associated with the well-being of society. Therefore, the problems of industria l and agricultural pollution have to be a priority for the scientist. Science has played a major role in creating this modern problem and therefore must now take the lead in solving it. Having identified the pollution problem initially, scientists more fully understand the extent and severity of this problem. The correlation between cancer and pesticides was identified and continues to be studied by biologists and physicians. It is chemists who have been called to classify the 20,000 Superfund sites and to report on toxic chemicals seeping into homes, schools, and drinking water. Scientists, in general, have studied and stressed the importance of ecosystem diversity... .... Rifkin, Jeremy. "Apocalypse When?" New Scientist. 31 October 1998. Safina, Carl. "To Save the Earth, Scientists Should Join Policy Debates." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 6 November 1998: A80. Satchell, Michael and Betsy Carpenter. "The Disaster That Wasn't." US News and World Report 18 September 1989: 60-69. Soloman, Wendy. "Horsehead subpoenas termed typical tactic." Allentown Morning Call, March 31, 1998. Van Dyne, Larry. "Thank God for the Country Boys; Ten Miles From the White House, Government Scientists Are Working to Bring You a Greener Lawn, Juicier Peaches, Leaner Pork, and Other Wonders." Washingtonian. August 1992. Verrengia, Joseph. "Weapons against pollution? Poplar trees drink up toxins." Seattle Times. (September 30, 1998) http://www.seattletimes.com/news/nation-world/ntml98/altopopl 093098.html. Seattle Times webpage.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Employment-At-Will Case Essay

Case Example A: Elaine has sued Jerry because Jerry fired her. Elaine was on the job for two months.The job offer letter that Jerry had sent her mentioned the great career opportunities at the company and stated that her annual salary would be $30,000. The company is an employment†at†will employer. Elaine was given no reason for the termination. After the termination, Jerry hired a man named Kramer, who had less job experience and education than Elaine, for the position. Elaine has sued to get her job back. There are legal issues in case example A. These issues will need to be brought up and answered before any decision can be made over this case. A letter was sent to Elaine. Could this be considered a contract? If not, was there a contract involved? If there was a contract involved, is it an executory contract or is it not valid at all? This is an employment-at-will employer, does the employer really need to give a reason for the termination? Ethics in business play a big role in today’s society. Could ethics have been violated by the employer? Is this discrimination against Elaine? Did the employer lower Elaine in to this business with lies to gain something from her? Is this an intentional misrepresentation or fraud? Did Elaine have a certain skill that the employer needed and after the employer got what he needed he fired her? These are short legal questions that will need to be further studied. Elaine’s argument contains legal rules to support her claim. There is printed evidence that can definitely help out Elaine. The job offer letter states that there are great CAREER opportunities at the company. A career is defined as more than a simple job. It is a major part of a person’s life. A job usually last a couple of months. A career is thought of lasting for more than a couple of years. The fact that the term â€Å"career† was used in the letter, it is assumed that this is going to be something more than just a â€Å"job† Another word that was used is annual. The annual salary was said to be $30,000. The term â€Å"annual† also implies that the career that the employer is offering is something that is  long term and not just a two month job. The plaintiff can argue that these were the conditions that were used when she was hired. She sought out this job because she was offered great career opportunities but was never given the â€Å"career† or the opportunity to make $30,000 annually. This could be classified under intentional misrepresentation or fraud because the plaintiff was brought into the business with false statements. Something else that Elaine can argue is that she was discriminated. After she was fired, she was replaced by a man that had less job experience and a lower education than Elaine. Elaine might have been let go because of her sex. This could be a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The defendant also has a valid argument that he can dispute. This business is an employment at will employer. This means that the employee can be let go at any time for any reason. Elaine knew that this was an employment at will. When she read the letter and accepted the job, she also accepted all the conditions that came along with it. The plaintiff knew that she could be fired any time. This is the defendant’s argument. Based on facts and legal laws, the judge can look over the evidence and rules and make a decision. The employment-at-will doctrine clearly states that the employer can fire the employee at any time for any reason. There are many exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine. In this case, the tort exception and statutory exception can be applied in favor of the plaintiff. The tort exception states that the employee can sue an employer for fraud. Based on the letter Elaine received, she never was given what she was promised. The employer gave the future employee false statements regarding receiving $30,000 annually. The employer also made the employee believe that this was a career when it clearly lasted no more than two months. This is classified under fraud. The statutory exception will be the main exception in this case. The statutory exception states that â€Å"Title VII and other federal state antidiscrimination laws prohibit employers from engaging in race, sex, religious, age, handicap, or other forms of discrimination†. Right after Elaine was fired, a man was hired for that same position with less work experience and a lower education. This is evidence that Elaine was discriminated based on her sex. An employee who was wrongfully discharged can sue the employer for damages. Therefore the plaintiff will win the case. The legal rules that currently apply are fair and reasonable.  Employment-at-will employers exist because in some jobs, the employer needs that flexibility in order to respond to any changes or needs. Sometimes it is necessary to let employees go but the employer should never forget the laws of business and also ethics. Also, adding exceptions like statutory exception and tort exception to this doctrine helps protect employees in case they are ever treated unfair or are ever taken advantage by their employer. The rules that are currently set for now are fair and reasonable and should not be violated. Work Cited Cheeseman, H. R. The legal environment of business and online commerce. (Custom ed.).

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The Impact Of Social Security On Disabled Persons And The...

The words Social Security have been heard by many whether it be from the news, grandparents, school, or personal experience. Social Security is a United States program that aims to help older or disabled persons and the families of older, disabled, and deceased persons (SSA, 2005). Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president who enacted the Social Security Act in 1935, however taxes were not collected until two years afterwards and periodic monthly benefits did not start up until 1940. Social Security was intended to be a retirement program when it was first passed into law in the year 1935. The reason that the program was first aimed to help older Americans is because of the worry that the post Great Depression era had for them. The program†¦show more content†¦Medicare taxes go into funds that then pay for the costs of Medicare related programs. Social Security does not work as a pay-as-you-go because the benefits you receive are not dependent on current receipts, but rather a formula (SSA, 2005). Although most people apply for these monthly benefits after retirement, Social Security is not meant to be a singular source of an income. In spite of the fact that Social Security was not designed to be the only source of income for retirees, this often the case due to a lack of personal savings. Social Security was created to force Americans to save money for retirement. Even though Social Security does provide financial aid to retirees, one should aim to have personal savings and investments in order to have a worry-free retirement. In fact, one can continue to work while receiving retirement benefits which can actually increase benefits. While it is typical to begin retirement at age 67, there is also an option to retire early at age 62. Retiring early at 62 would result in a decrease in the amount of the monthly benefit, however. Likewise, one can also choose to retire late leading to an increase in monthly benefit (SSA, 2005). Another group that is eligi ble obtain benefits from Social Security are families of deceased workers. A one-time payment may be available to one s family if eligible, this payment is comprised of $255. The surviving spouse may